Monday, February 16, 2009

Jose, Jose, and more Jose!

Just as there seems no depths to the lows George Lucas will take his Star Wars shame, and just as there's not enough oil in the world, let alone cash, to turn Manchester City into a decent footballing outfit (however hard they try) - we've got ourselves a sell out on our hands folks. This, however, is a sell out of the more wholesome variety.

It's not that common to max out shows in advance here in HK, so it's really a big THANK YOU to everyone who has bought their Jose Gonzalez tickets ready for this weekend. It's official, there simply are none left.

Demand has kept on rising and rising though, and we're proud as punch to announce that we've managed to encourage (the ever-encouragable) Jose into doing an additional show with us on sunday afternoon. A matinée, if you will. This will take place on the same day (22nd), at the same venue (Grappas Cellar) and will be the same programme as the night time show (the superb Clementine Is My Sunshine will support at both).

The matinée show will open at 2pm, and to make things nice and fair for everyone, tickets will only be available on the door for this gig - first come first served.

What a lovely way to spend a sunday afternoon...

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