Wednesday, July 15, 2009

See you in Sept!

Whilst the summer may be good news to most, we here at TPP have never been too much of a fan of the middle months. There's no football on, all our smug teacher friends are in exotic, faraway places and it's too damn hot damnit! We just don't want to play anymore.

So whilst you may be donning your speedos and whipping on the sun screen, we prefer to ready ourselves for a self-inflicted slumber. Yep, we plan to do nothing but sleeeeeeeep 'till September...

Though despite the fact that we'd like to think of ourselves as fierce bears tucking in for hibernation mode, the truth is we're fluffy puppys - and are more likely to wake in a groggy, dribble-stained lethargy wanting to cuddle than with the ferocious rejuvination that our extended snooze should warrant. Good thing for us then that we've just confirmed Handsome Furs for a show on the 6th Sept!

For Canada's Handsome Furs are an explosion of raw, pulsing energy and the minute we let them out of the cage, be warned! They'll unleash their fierce, sweaty danceable rock for an unforgettable evening. This husband and wife duo from Montreal have been making waves across the world with their legendary live performances, and us lucky peeps will soon get to experience why.

You know what else?

They're Hotter than 98% HK humidity, and way more fun.

See you in Sept!

night night

ps. tickets go on sale on the 25th July from Grappas Cellar and White Noise. For more updates join our Facebook group.

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