Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pauly's Christmas Crackers

TPP's Mr Reliable, Paul, is a merry ol' soul. A merry ol' soul is he. Over the years/shows, Paul has not just been beating DP's drums to within and inch of their lives or simply cultivating that magnificent beard of his, oh no. Like an implausibly large and mohwaked squirrel (with elf-like tendencies), he's amassed an impressive collection of video footage from our shows and has put a selection up online for all (and sundry) to go enjoy. Just in time for Christmas.

As a taster, here's a clip* from our very first TPP show with the finest Scandinavian gentleman and scholar we know - José González (he plays a mean guitar too) :

* Even better than this video is José's (uncanny) impression of Borat - though we're not allowed to show you that one, so you'll just have to take our word for it.

Watch some other TPP vids here, including clips from These New Puritans, Owl City, Caribou, Andrew Bird, OK Go, and oh so many more.

The happiest of festive seasons to y'all, and a happy new year to boot (which incidentally is also merry ol' soul Paul's birthday). Happy Birthday P! Celebrations all round!


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Saturday, December 18, 2010

R.I.P Captain Beefheart

Don Van Vliet AKA Captain Beefheart passed away yesterday. From Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey and The White Stripes; to the early Punk movement, David Byrne, Gang of Four and even The Simpsons, Van Vliet was a true maverick whom shaped popular culture in a seismic way.

For the uninitiated, Trout Mask Replica is essential listening, and this 1997 BBC documentary by (the also sadly missed) late, great John Peel, sheds light on the madcap genius that was Captain Beefheart:

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clockenflap 2010

This Saturday night - Clockenflap Membership Launch @ Blindspot Annex from Clockenflap Festival on Vimeo.

The Charlatans + DJ Food + DP + Modern Children + acoustic roof wonderment + open bar x Clockenflap silliness = one show you just don't want to miss.

There are only 300 spaces, and we can safely say this is a one off opportunity to enjoy all of the above.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

9 Maps

My new favourite local band - 9 Maps. They're the real deal, and will be something very special (they already are). Go seek.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Flaming Lips

There simply aint no party like a Flaming Lips party. Singapore and Hong Kong, ready thy party pants!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Emilie Simon

Oh what a rare, alluring and entertaining breed the Chanteuse is. Rare, alluring and entertaining indeed. We're pleased as Christmas to announce we've got Emilie Simon, a bonafide, genuine French electro pop chanteuse of the most wondrous variety, to join us on Sept 25th. Join the FB event with more info on the talent that is Emilie Simon hereDetails:
The Peoples’ Party Presents:
Emilie Simon
+ Corey Tam
September 25th
Grappas Cellar, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Rd, Central
Tickets (include 1 drink): Adv* $300 from Grappas & White Noise Records, or on the Door $330 (if any are left!)

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Modern Children

Singaporean friends headed to Baybeats later in the month - do check out HK's Modern Children. You'll hear influences as diverse as The Delgados and Arcade Fire in there and in the absorbing single 'Mongolia Song' (inspired by a traditional Mongol folk song) elements that are purely and celebratory, Asian.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TPP hearts Handsome Furs

When we talk to our lovely regular gig goers, there's one show that consistently gets brought up as a front runner for 'gig of last year': Montreal's Handsome Furs. Their debut performance with us last September has gone down in local show folklore, and judging by the ear-to-ear grins of the departing crowd that faithful eve, it was clear we all wanted more.

How wonderful it is then that the band were as enamored with Hong Kong as the audience were with them. We wanted them back, they wanted to come back. Everybody wins.

The Peoples’ Party Presents:
Handsome Furs
+ priest/rogue
Tickets – Adv. $150, Door $200
Available July 30th from:
ROCKSCHOOL – 2/f, 21-25 Luard Road, Wan Chai
White Noise Records – Rm 1901, 19/F Workingview Commerical bldg, 21 Yiu Wa Street Causeway Bay

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Sell Out

TPP's favourite director teamed up with one of our fave local band of the moment (with some of our favourite peeps as extras) and have come up with the really rather wonderful video for PI's new single: The Sell Out:

Poubelle International - The Sell Out from Shern Sharma on Vimeo.

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Friday, July 2, 2010


Come celebrate Canada d'eh and 'Establishment of the HKSAR' day this July 1st with TPP nationalists Caribou and Choi Sai Ho (S.T). This show is hotter than the sun, and good lord, the sun has had his hat on of late.

Great music + sunshine x Public holiday = win

TPP presents:
+ Choi Sai-ho (S.T)
July 1st
Grappas Cellar, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Rd, Central
Tickets (include 1 drink): Adv $220 from Grappas & White Noise Records, or on the Door $260

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

These New Puritans

It was on, then it was off. Off and then on...

Like the cheesiest high school flick, we've been standing in the playground making eyes at this group for over three years now, hoping to be invited to sit with the cool kids for lunch. And in the finest Hollywood traditions, in the end we finally got the band (and did get to go to the dance after all). Cue credits.

The band in question are These New Puritans. We think they're out-of-the-box, genre-bending brilliance. Think you will too.

Joining TNPS on the 9th will be Montreal's finest garage duo madness The King Khan & BBQ Show. Trust us, these guys need to be seen to be believed.

It's on!

The Peoples’ Party Presents:
These New Puritans
+ The King Khan & BBQ Show
June 9th
Grappas Cellar, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Rd, Central
Tickets (include 1 drink): Adv* $330 from Grappas & White Noise Records, or on the Door $360, if any are left!

* Tix available from the 25th May

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who's got the Fever?

TPP are big fans of mixing it up. We're all for cross pollination in most facets of life. "Mix it up" we say. Mix it up good.

It's no surprise then that one of our favourite bands is LA's hybrid groove outfit, Dengue Fever. Dengue Fever's psychedelic take on the Cambodian pop sounds of the 60's makes them one of rock n' roll's most unique succes stories. They draw adoring crowds from LA to the UK, Maui to Moscow, and leave critics rummaging through their thesauruses looking for new superlatives to describe their sound. It's fair to say, they've got it going on.

Deets below, or join the FB event here.

Dengue Fever
+ Logo
May 15th
Grappas Cellar, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Rd, Central

Tickets: $220 (incl 1 drink) on the door only (call Grappas or email to reserve tix)

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Frank Turner

Well if it isn't Frank Turner himself? FT. The ol' T-meister. We've got the one and only Mr Turner for his debut HK show. What a show it promises to be, as the boy Turner has been on a swift upward trajectory with his brand of folk/punk sing-song-a-longs. He's been selling out dates both sides of the Atlantic and is quickly earning a reputation for his updated, politically conscious Billy Bragg-esque tuneage.

Support on the night comes from NYC's McKenzie Eddy: Sweet Maccers. The Ed-ster etc etc. sorry. (False) monikers aside, McKenzie Eddy is a multi-talented singer/songwriter. She features on rapper Curren$y's upcoming album, Pilot Talk, makes regular guest appearances with the Disco Biscuits, and plays solo shows at New York City's the Bitter End, serenading crowds while playing the grand piano. She's also part of hip hop mogul Damon Dash's stable. So there.

We've also just confirmed the glorious news that Luke Chow has been tempted out onto the stage for an acoustic solo show whilst his ever-hungry ghosts are temporarily awol.

All in all, sounds like a party!

The Peoples’ Party Presents:
Frank Turner
+ Special Guests McKenzie Eddy + Luke Chow
May 7th
2/F The Phoenix, 21-25 Luard Rd, Wan Chai
Tickets: $180 (incl 1 drink) from the venue and White Noise Records

Facebook event

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Neil Halstead

Not many men can claim to have been a key figure of the shoegaze scene of the 90's, before revitalizing the alt-country movement in the UK after that followed by releasing solo work that has seen him sign to Jack Johnson's label and record in a WWII airfield. Neil Halstead is not like many men...

The difference is the songs. Come taste for yourself as the former Slowdive/Mojave 3 songsmith makes his debut performance in HK. We love him. We think you will too.

The Peoples’ Party Presents:
Neil Halstead
+ Songs For Children DJs + more support tba
Apr 25th
Rockschool, 2/F Phoenix Bldg, 21-25 Luard Road, Wan Chai

Tickets: Adv $180 from Rockschool & White Noise Records, or on the Door $220 (both include 1 drink)

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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Album Leaf

Over a decade has passed since Jimmy LaValle formed The Album Leaf in San Diego, California. Ten years plus, creating the most sublime and subtle post rock becoming in the process, one of the genres key focal figures. On the eve of their latest album release, we thought it high time we brought the sleek crafted orchestration of The Album Leaf to local audiences here in Hong Kong. High time indeed.

The Peoples’ Party Presents:

The Album Leaf
+ support
Apr 7th
Grappas Cellar, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Rd, Central

Tickets: Adv $280 from Grappas & White Noise Records, or on the Door $340 (both include 1 drink)

Facebook event

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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Peoples' ARTy #2

The second in our series of limited edition TPP poster art comes courtesy of illustrator and designer extrodinaire Tania Willis. She's worked with everyone from Channel [V] to the Guardian; from the Mandarin Oriental to Conde Naste, and now has the (highly dubious) honour of adding our musical string to her already brimming bow.

Her artwork for this coming wednesday's show is quite simply stunning. What's more, if free awesome art isn't enough, we're also going green using soy ink and recycled paper for printing. So for all you gig goers, don't forget to pick up your free, environmentally responsible, Tania Willis Ok Go poster at the end of the night!


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ólafur Arnalds: Magic

At TPP, we like to hold firm the belief that everyone from Iceland is a pixie, capable of the most sublime magic. Seems reasonable - we’ve certainly come across no evidence of the contrary. Take Ólafur Arnalds for example. The twenty three year old multi-instrumentalist who crafts achingly beautiful orchestral compositions, conjuring almost weightless pieces unparalleled in both delicacy and scope. It’s simply implausible that he is not magic…

So we're bringing him and his band over to share their musical alchemy and start his upcoming world tour in our hometown. Respect.

Ólafur's show on the 26th is SOLD OUT!
We've added an extra date on the 25th for all you who missed out! Details below in 'more'

The Peoples’ Party Presents:
Ólafur Arnalds EXTRA SHOW due to popular demand!
March 25th
Gappas Cellar, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central
Tickets: $300 adv $330 door (both incl. 1 drink)
From Grappas Cellar and White Noise Records

Ólafur Arnalds
March 26th
Backstage Live, 1/F 52-54 Wellington Street, Central
Tickets: $300 adv $330 door (both incl. 1 drink)
Available from the 24th Feb.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TSM = "Pure sex"

The last time TPP saw Michael Stipe, he was dressed in a blanket at some hipster party in a Chinese restaurant in NYC (true story). We're all for blankets as fashion. We also think Stipey knows a thing or two about music. So it's high praise indeed bestowed upon Texans The Secret Machines whom he describes as "Pure sex." Spiritualized's Jason Pearce is also a big fan. As is U2, who invited them to tour stadiums in the Americas with them, likewise those mighty Kings of Leon and Interpol who did the same.

What's all the fuss all about? Well we'll tell you shall we...

They're awesome. Simple as that. Their sound a mixture of krautrock precision and stadium sized melodies. They're a prog band without the wanky solos and ego. Which, like blankets, sounds like a great idea to us.

Whilst our skyline might not have the vast openness of a Texas horizon, we believe that there probably isn't a better backdrop in the world for The Secret Machines’ tripped out space rock than the neon wonder of our fair city. So we thought we’d put our theory to the test and have them plough their epic, motorik groove under our lazer-lit sky, in their first ever show in HK on march 17th.

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't lose.

[The Peoples’ Party Presents:
The Secret Machines
+ Support
March 17th
Grappas Cellar, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Rd, Central
Tickets*: Adv $280 from Grappas & White Noise Records, or on the Door $320 (both include 1 drink)

* Tix available from the 24th February]

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Peoples' ARTy

Here at TPP we're indebted to you good folks for coming out and supporting the shows. The formula is simple: no people = no shows. So on the news of yet another show sell out (you're spoiling us) we thought we'd give some more back to you beautiful Party People.

The plan is to give you all a little momento of our time spent together. So whenever possible, we're going to team up with a local artist, and create a totally limited edition piece of poster art. These will be given out free of charge, to you wonderful show goers at the end of the night.

Kicking us off this January, the world's finest spandex sourcerer and pigeon hero Jay Forster has created the totally awesome Andrew Bird poster for all you fine boys and gals who were lucky enough to scoop tickets to the show. It looks even more sublime in print, and we truly believe that if you put it on your wall it will forever emanate a delicious glow, reminding us all of our happy times together.

You complete us.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

OK Go rules KO!

We here at TPP are big fans of the interweb, and we're sure you are too. We'd also be willing to wager that at one point or another during time spent on the internutz, you've for sure come across OK Go. The band that quite literally defined 'viral video' and changed the way that fans, media and the music industry look to the web wide wob. But that's besides the point...

The point is the music. Emotionally charged, accessible, danceable, pop rock that truly connects with the listener.

The point is the shows. Infectious, fun-filled events in the best sense of the word, that has made them touring pals with the likes of Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Death Cab, Snow Patrol and many many more.

The point is we're bringing OK Go (with their songs and their full on fabulous live prowess) to HK for one night only on the 24th February - and we think you should all come see what all the fuss is about!

Join the Facebook event here and click more below for "more".

A few more reasons to love OK Go:

* Their videos are indeed cultural phenomenons -
'A Million Ways' (the one with them dancing in their backyard) was made for USD10, and did something that none of the major label big boys could - inventing a new way for bands to connect with fans. Moreover, the fan-made compilation video that came out as a response is one of the most endearing out there. Google it.
The follow up 'Here It Goes Again' (you know - the treadmill one) is the most succesful viral video ever. Streamed and downloaded a gabillion zillion times, it went on to sell over 4 million copies. It was a #1 iTunes single and video and holds the record for most videos ever sold by any EMI artist. It also earnt them a Grammy award and a cameo on The Simpsons. Which is nice.

* Their albums are really rather good too -
'Uh Oh' produced by Tore Johansson (Franz Ferdinand, The Cardigans) was in the Billboard charts for three years. Their latest album, 'Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky', was just released on January 12th 2010. Produced by Dave Fridmann (MGMT, Flaming Lips) it is their most impressive and self assured record yet. With a catchy Prince inspired sound, the LP is already creating a big buzz amongst fans and critics alike.

* They use their powers for good -
They have a project where they walk around handing burritos to the homeless; They also raised money to buy a house for soul legend Al Johnson (and others who were displaced), so he could move home to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina; They've contributed numerous opinion editorials for the likes of the New York Times and Uffington Post; and they were actively involved in raising awareness for Obama. Hurrah!

The deets:

The Peoples' Party presents:
+ support
24th February, 2010
Grappas Cellar

Tickets: Adv $300 (incl 1 drink) from Grappas Cellar and White Noise Records from the 27th January (available first to all you good folk at the Andrew Bird show).

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Glassjaw baby, Glassjaw

Hold tight folks whilst TPP goes One Louder on y'all. We've got Long Island's legendary post-hardcore titans Glassjaw in town for their exclusive one-and-only gig in Asia. Sweet.

Support comes from the ten-years-young hardcore, erm, kings: King Ly Chee plus very special guests Chicosci all the way from Manila! These are two of the bands that are flying the flag high for Asian music, and are worth the admission price alone. Factor in, the rarest of opportunities to see Glassjaw - a band that has inspired a gazillion other artists and fans, and we thinks you'd be onto a good thing coming to this show.

Join the Facebook event here.

Advance tickets will go on sale for $150 from White Noise Records from the 22nd January.

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