Monday, May 11, 2009

The Power of Two's

It is TPP's great belief that many of the finer things in life come in pairs: Wilder & Pryor, Cheese & Branston, Rafael & Fabio etc. etc.

What were we supposed to do when faced with just one night of electrifying music duos to promote? Double down that's what.

So thanks to all you good folks who've bought your Ratatat tickets in advance (we're sold out!)we have now got two nights of plural pleasure on the cards.

Whilst Brooklyn's finest and Quan's two piece rip it up on saturday night, HK's awe-inspiring Double Partnership (what did you think it stood for?) of DP will be rocking Grappas Cellar to its very core before Ratatat once more bring the dance floor to its knees on the sunday.

Tickets for the Ratatat/DP show sunday show will only be available on the door, on a first come first served basis starting from 7pm.

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