Sunday, February 1, 2009

And so it begins...

Welcome to The Peoples' Party! A Party of the People. For the People, by the... yep you get the idea.

A Party of any other sort would just be silly we think. So here we are: The Peoples' Party.

So what is The Peoples' Party?

Good question.

In essence it's simply a personal blog - and I like simple things. The focus will be on music - the music in, around and of Asia specifically.

There is some great music going on here and it's my intention to help expose it. Based in HK, there's also the opportunity to work together with friends and bring in quality acts to the region. So we'll do that when The People demand it.

There's no grand scheme or fiscal policy behind this. If we can help in some way to share the musical love, then that's quite enough for us.

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